Thursday, 6 September 2012

I am in desperate need of some organisation and direction in my project making! I have SO many ideas that I never follow through, it makes it very easy to become disheartened by it all. I would love to take a whole week off of work to plough through some of the many ideas I have.

I get so frustrated because at work in the office I verge on being too organised and proactive. I would love to transfer this into my home office! I think I'm going to stop buying new supplies, patterns and books until I have completed the following;

Three half made quilts in the office.
Cushion cover for my uhmazingly comfy new sofa friend.
A wearable piece from the countless reams of fabrics I own (peach chiffon dress anyone??!!)
Make up bag from the remnants of my gorge Liberty print cotton (although I do need some felt for this one)

This feels like enough to keep me going to be honest. I love that I now have a fully fledge stash of fabrics at my disposal for whenever inspiration strikes, but it is such a waste to have it all just sitting there collecting dust.

So here's to being more creatively proactive and to filling my life with homemade goodies!


Sarah xx

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