Friday, 24 August 2012

26 years and 52 squares

Two days ago I turned the grand old age of 26. I didn't think I was that bothered about getting older, I'm one of those people who have a hearty laugh when asked how I felt about getting on.

This was, however until it occurred to me while making my way to my birthday dinner (Hard Rock Cafe - classy from The womb to the tomb baby!) that I had never imagined myself being this old. This really threw me an that feeling teamed with events that have happened recently made me realise I am getting older, and it's happening a lot quicker than I thought it would.

This really isn't a bad thing but If Ferris Bueller taught me only one thing it was that I need to remember to enjoy what's going on around me and do things that make me happy.

With that in mind I have had what I think is a genius idea. Over the past year I have learnt how to crochet a I have loved it. Gaining this small skill has snowballed my desire to be creative again and now you can fin me spending most of my free time sewing, quilting, stamping my way through the day.

Inspired greatly by Manzanita's Granny Square Project I have decided to crochet a granny square a week until I'm 27(argh). I love the idea that I will have gathered twice as many squares as I have years.

I will post pics of the squares each week and I can't wait to share with you the finished article! 

Love you lots like Jelly Tots

Saz xx

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